Wound Pathogen Panel

Wound management presents complex challenges in today’s healthcare environment. While treatment dressings and techniques continue to advance, conventional culture-based diagnostic methods for ruling out infections have limitations in terms of labor-intensity, sensitivity, and specificity. These methods often fail to detect many of the culprits responsible for wound infections.

Infinite Genomics introduces a breakthrough solution for clinicians, providing access to the most advanced molecular methodology for wound pathogen detection, quantification, and resistance gene identification.

Clinical Advantages:

  • Timely Diagnosis and Treatment:

    InGenDX Wound Panel delivers results within 24 to 48 hours after the specimen arrives at the lab, minimizing delays in diagnosis and treatment initiation.

  • Simultaneous Detection of Polymicrobial Infections:

    The panel detects polymicrobial infections, enabling clinicians to identify multiple pathogens simultaneously, leading to more accurate and comprehensive treatment strategies.

  • Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Gene Identification:

    With the capability to identify multiple antibiotic resistance genes in various antibiotic categories, including Carbapenem, and Vancomycin resistance, our panel equips clinicians with crucial information to guide effective antibiotic therapy decisions.

  • Reduction of Unnecessary Drug Exposure and Adverse Events:

    By guiding clinicians in selecting the most appropriate and targeted antibiotics, the panel helps minimize unnecessary drug exposure and associated adverse events.

  • Infection Progression and Spread Control:

    Early and accurate detection of pathogens facilitates prompt intervention, reducing the progression and spread of wound infections within patients and across healthcare settings.

  • Up-to-Date Regional Sensitivity and Susceptibility Patterns:

    Our panel incorporates regional sensitivity and susceptibility patterns, enabling clinicians to stay informed about local trends and optimize treatment decisions accordingly.

  • Improved Selection of Narrow-Spectrum Antibiotics:

    By providing detailed information on the antibiotic spectrum of activity, the panel assists clinicians in selecting narrower-spectrum antibiotics, reducing the risk of antibiotic resistance development, and preserving the effectiveness of broad-spectrum options.

  • Cost-Effective Treatment Decisions:

    By considering medication costs alongside clinical factors, our panel empowers clinicians to make cost-effective treatment decisions without compromising patient care.

  • Accessible Results:

    The panel offers easily accessible results through various channels, including mobile devices, web portals, and seamless integration with electronic medical records (EMR), ensuring convenient and efficient access to critical information.

The InGenDX Wound Panel from Infinite Genomics revolutionizes wound infection management, combining advanced molecular diagnostics with comprehensive clinical advantages to support clinicians in providing optimal care to their patients.