Nail Pathogen Panel

Nail fungal infections are known to be very common conditions, especially in the aging population. The Infinite Genomics, InGenDX Nail Panel, is a cutting-edge molecular diagnostic solution designed to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of nail fungal infections. Leveraging advanced molecular methodology, this panel provides rapid and precise results, enabling clinicians to make informed treatment decisions for improved patient outcomes. By incorporating regional sensitivity and susceptibility patterns, medication costs, antibiotic spectrum of activity, and FDA guidance, ensures comprehensive and cost-effective care.

Clinical Advantages:

  • Timely Diagnosis and Treatment:

    The Nail Pathogen Panel offers fast results, typically within 24 to 48 hours after the specimen arrives at the lab. This eliminates delays in diagnosis and enables early initiation of appropriate treatment, improving patient outcomes.

  • Simultaneous Detection of Polymicrobial Infections:

    The panel detects multiple pathogens associated with nail fungal infections simultaneously. This comprehensive approach allows for accurate identification of coexisting infections, guiding targeted treatment strategies.

  • Reduction of Unnecessary Drug Exposure and Adverse Events:

    By providing precise information on pathogen identification, the InGenDX Nail Panel minimizes unnecessary drug exposure, reducing the risk of adverse events and optimizing treatment outcomes.

  • Control of Infection Progression and Spread:

    Early and accurate detection of nail pathogens aids in controlling the progression and spread of infection. Timely intervention minimizes complications and the risk of secondary infections, especially for individuals with diabetes and immunocompromised systems.

  • Up-to-Date Regional Sensitivity and Susceptibility Patterns:

    The panel incorporates regional sensitivity and susceptibility patterns, providing clinicians with the most current information on local pathogen trends. This knowledge enhances the selection of appropriate treatment options, improving treatment efficacy.

  • Facilitates Cost-Effective Treatment Decisions:

    By considering regional sensitivity and resistance patterns, medication costs, and FDA guidance, the InGenDx Nail Panel supports clinicians in making cost-effective treatment decisions. It assists in selecting the most appropriate and affordable treatment options while optimizing patient outcomes.

  • Accessible Results:

    The panel delivers easily accessible results through various channels, including mobile devices, web portals, and seamless integration with electronic medical records (EMR). This accessibility ensures convenient and efficient access to critical diagnostic information for timely treatment decisions.

The Infinite Genomics Nail Pathogen Panel revolutionizes the management of nail fungal infections, providing clinicians with rapid and accurate diagnostic information for tailored treatment plans. By preventing delays, improving the selection of treatment options, and reducing unnecessary drug exposure, the panel enhances patient care and contributes to better treatment outcomes.