STI Pathogen Panel

The InGenDX STI Panel offered by Infinite Genomics utilizes advanced molecular methodology to detect and quantify pathogens and provides clinicians with timely and accurate results.

Clinical Advantages:

  • Reduction of unnecessary antibiotic administration, adverse events, hospitalizations, and costs:

    Accurate identification of specific pathogens helps clinicians avoid prescribing broad-spectrum antibiotics when they are not needed, leading to improved patient outcomes and cost savings.

  • Prevention of dangerous complications:

    Prompt diagnosis of STIs and UTIs allows for timely initiation of appropriate treatment, preventing the progression of infections and potential complications.

  • High specificity:

    The panel demonstrates a high degree of specificity, accurately detecting the presence of specific pathogens and minimizing false positives and false negatives.

  • Detection of multiple pathogens in a single specimen:

    The panel can identify multiple pathogens simultaneously from a single specimen, providing comprehensive information about the infectious agents present.

  • Timely and accurate diagnosis:

    Results can be obtained within 24 hours once the laboratory receives the specimen, thanks to our efficient RT-PCR testing method. This enables timely decision-making and prompt initiation of appropriate treatment.

  • More definitive diagnosis than antigen assays:

    The molecular methodology employed by the panel offers a more definitive diagnosis compared to antigen assays, which may have limitations in sensitivity and specificity.

  • In addition, STI pathogens, Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG), Infinite Genomics also offers the option to test for UTI pathogens.

Overall, the STI Pathogen Panel provided by Infinite Genomics offers clinicians a powerful tool for accurate and timely diagnosis, leading to improved patient care, reduced complications, and optimized antibiotic usage.