Women’s Health

The Infinite Genomics, InGenDX Women’s Health Panel is a state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic solution specifically designed to address the unique healthcare needs of women. By utilizing advanced genetic testing technology, this panel offers an array of clinical advantages, empowering healthcare providers to deliver personalized and proactive care for women’s health conditions.

Clinical Advantages:

  • Fast Diagnosis and Treatment:

    The InGenDX  Women’s Health Panel provides fast results, typically within 24 to 48 hours after the specimen arrives at the lab. This turnaround time ensures timely diagnosis and facilitates prompt initiation of targeted treatment plans.

  • Simultaneous Detection of Polymicrobial Infections:

    The panel has the capability to detect multiple pathogens associated with women’s health infections simultaneously. This comprehensive approach enables healthcare providers to identify and address co-infections more effectively.

  • Identification of Antibiotic Resistance Genes:

    The InGenDX Women’s Health Panel identifies multiple antibiotic resistance genes across various antibiotic categories, including Carbapenem and Vancomycin resistance. This information assists in selecting appropriate antimicrobial therapies and optimizing treatment regimens for better patient outcomes.

  • Reduction of Unnecessary Drug Exposure and Adverse Events:

    By providing precise information on pathogen identification and antibiotic resistance profiles, the Women’s Health Panel minimizes unnecessary drug exposure and decreases the risk of adverse events associated with inappropriate or ineffective antibiotic use.

  • Infection Progression and Spread Control:

    Early and accurate detection of pathogens enables prompt intervention, helping to reduce the progression and spread of infections within the female reproductive system. This proactive approach improves patient outcomes and prevents complications.

  • Up-to-Date Regional Sensitivity and Susceptibility Patterns:

    The panel incorporates regional sensitivity and susceptibility patterns, ensuring that clinicians have access to the most current information on local pathogen trends. This knowledge aids in selecting the most effective narrow-spectrum antibiotics for targeted treatment.

  • Facilitates Cost-Effective Treatment Decisions:

    By considering regional sensitivity and resistance patterns, the Women’s Health Panel supports clinicians in making cost-effective treatment decisions. This includes selecting antibiotics that are effective against the identified pathogens while minimizing unnecessary expenses.

  • Accessible Results:

    The panel provides easily accessible results through various channels, including mobile devices, web portals, and seamless integration with electronic medical records (EMR). This accessibility ensures convenient and efficient access to critical diagnostic information.

The InGenDX Women’s Health Pathogens covered by the panel include a comprehensive range of bacteria, fungi, and parasites commonly associated with women’s health infections. By detecting and identifying these pathogens, the panel assists clinicians in delivering targeted and effective treatment strategies for improved patient outcomes.